5 Best GoPro Alternatives

Go Pro

Recently, capturing photos and editing them has been a trend amongst youngsters across the world. It It is difficult to edit a picture if you don’t have a fantastic picture editor. Infact, clicking an impeccable photo is the biggest task.

GoPro is an app that allows you to control your camera settings and view them in your phone or the device you are using. You can create trim videos and create high definition short clips out of them. It also lets you add highlights on the special moments so that you can easily look for them later.

GoPro has a stock of features that can be experienced via downloading them from your respective play stores. Today, we are going to discuss the 5 best alternatives for GoPro.

  • GorillaCam

GorillaCam by JOBY is one of the best alternative to GoPro app. It creates fantastic stop motion videos, self timer shots, stunning time lapse and much more. It is an all rounder application that can surely be settled on your home screen. Let’s list down all its basic features.

  • A great camera for hands free selfies, stop motion pictures and time lapses
  • 3 – 60 shots in a go. It is quite fast at taking shots one after the other.
  • GorillaCam clicks shots in a go and then stitches them to create an awesome video.
  • Get perfect landscape or Portrait photos
  • Before sharing with friends quickly review the videos on GorillaCam.
  1. Live GoPro

Live GoPro allow you to take live videos and share them on your social media sites at the same time. Let your friend see what your camera in viewing. Just login to your Facebook account and start broadcasting, it will automatically show people your favorite video.

  • Review what your camera is going to show people before it broadcasts on social media site.
  • Share live video with touch of a button.
  • Automatic upload of video via your phone.
  • Have access to what people are sharing through their Live GoPro.

go pro alternatives


  1. Camera Plus

Camera Plus is an awesome camera application for your smartphone. It allows you to fit in selfies and group photos without thinking technically. It is a great app for all the photo lovers. Now the app is also compatible with Apple watch. It is again available in your respective app stores. Though it gives you an amazing picture quality, Camera Plus cost you $1.99 per month subscription.

  • Beautiful Macro Photography
  • Allows you to captures photos, video recording
  • You have the choice of front and back camera
  • Flash Timer facility
  • Live Preview
  • Beautiful HDR & Photo filters
  • Photo image editor
  • And Private folder for photos and videos are also available.
  1. EOS Remote

EOS is an application that connects to your Canon EOS digital camera with WiFi functionality. You can view, edit, save, transfer and share with EOS application. It is totally free for its users. The application is compatible with iPhone, iPod, touch and iPad.

  • Access camera via your phone wirelessly.
  • Remotely adjust shooting
  • Rate, edit browse and save still images through your smartphone
  • It supports saving JPEG images.
  1. ProCamera 8 + HDR

ProCamera 8 is a wonderful application that is fast, simple and professional to use. It definitely attracts users with the beautiful user interface and amazing capturing speed. It lets you capture, edit, share and save at the same time. The application costs you a subscription of $4.99 per month.

  • With a swipe of thumb on the screen you can get intuitive quality for your picture.
  • Get same level of control as a DSLR camera.
  • Use your Apple Watch to control ProCamera 8 easily
  • It includes advanced editing and 76 filters over all.
  • Night mode is also available
  • Advanced HD video recording with editing possibilities.


All the five applications are at par with GoPro app. They are running well on iOS devices with extensive remote control facilities. These apps can be downloaded from Apple app store. Let’s experience them and give our reviews below. Thank You!

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