Mobizen for Samsung – Make Videos Of What You Do On Smartphones


Mobizen is an application that enables its users to mirror their phone screen easily. Nowadays it is a trend for app reviewers to record their screen on going process and post it on YouTube and other social media sites.

Mobizen is a screen recorder that can be easily used by anyone. It has a very easy to understand user interface and comfortable procedures to follow. Certainly its installation is quite easy. Users just need to visit their Google Play Store and download the app for free.

Mobizen allows you to record app videos, games, edit videos and much more. You can be the best video creator and video editor around.

While using this application I was able to discover some amazing features, that might interest you. So let’s list them down for your convenience.

  • Screen recording

Users can easily record their phone screens and take screen shots; All of this without rooting your device. I am sure you’ll not get an option like this on any other screen recording application.

  • Notifications

Get all the notification of your smartphone on your PC directly. Then you can choose which one to answer.

  • Mobile Presentation

While recording your screen for a particular work, you also have the ability to draw for enhancing your videos. It does give a plus point over others!

  • Stream videos

Mobizen also allows you to stream videos on a larger screen. You can directly watch videos on your PC or television. Transferring files are no longer necessary viewing videos on your PC.

  • Drag and Drop

The people who want to transfer or share a file with their PC, can easily use drag and drop technique. Mobizen makes your work easier and simpler at the same time.


The above features are impeccable. From mobile presentation to drag and drop, all are worth using. But the basic features for which it was actually created “Screen Recording” is excellent. Record working of applications, games or just the phone techniques, Mobizen can make your work quite easy. The amazing thing is, mostly such applications need rooted devices to work but Mobizen does not put any restriction on the user.

This is a great app for all the YouTubers who love to share files and recorder videos with friends and the world. Overall, the app is great and the best part is it is totally free. What more can we ask for?